Xbox Store redesign footage leaks ahead of UI update

The Xbox One is getting a new dashboard and the Xbox Store revamp has already leaked, but is this what Xbox Series X will look like too?

Every video games company has its own specialities, as well as things it’s never been very good at, and for Microsoft the two most obvious ones are naming its consoles and creating their user interface.

The latter is surprising because the Xbox 360 blades system was always very popular, whereas the Xbox One dashboard has been a nightmare from day one and despite multiple updates has, if anything, only got worse over time.

Microsoft are giving it another roll of the dice though, and now we know what the new Xbox Store will look like, thanks to a series of leaks via @wincommunity and the video above from Thurrott’s Brad Sams.

The new interface is part of a wider dashboard update that will match-up with Microsoft’s new Fluent Design concept, that it’s using across multiple devices and operating systems.

The simpler design keeps the store navigation on the left-hand side, while making sure to highlight whether the game is free to play on Game Pass or not.

It’s assumed that the Xbox Store update will only come as part of the general dashboard refresh, codenamed Mercury, but it’s still unclear when that will arrive.

Given how late in the generation this is happening there seems a good chance that the same design, or something very similar to it, will be used for the Xbox Series X.

Considering how important backwards compatibility is to Microsoft it doesn’t seem to make sense that the new console would have a radically different dashboard or store interface.

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