Die Cast Poke Balls Will Be Released On Pokemon Day In 2021

A die cast replica of the basic Poke Ball from Pokemon is being made by The Wand Company and it will be released on Pokemon Day (February 27) in 2021, with replicas based on Great, Premier, and Ultra Balls to follow.

The design of the Poke Balls in the Pokemon franchise is nothing short of genius, in both their simplicity and how instantly recognizable they are. As such, there have been a number of Poke Ball toys released over the years, many of which have contained Pokemon figures. There have also been a few high-class Poke Balls released over the years that have contained Pokemon engagement rings.

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An extremely high-quality Poke Ball is coming next year. The Wand Company is releasing a die cast Poke Ball replica that has a built-in motion sensor, which lights up as your hand draws near. The Poke Balls were designed using reference material from The Pokemon Company. The outer shell is made of zinc, while the internal band is made from engineering grade plastic. A video of the Poke Ball can be seen on The Wand Company’s YouTube channel.

The quality of these Poke Balls comes at a price, as they will each cost £99.95/$99.99 at launch. The Poke Ball comes in a fancy display case and is meant to be kept on a shelf. The official website mentions that you shouldn’t throw the Poke Ball, as it could injure someone and damage the item. The Poke Ball also doesn’t open, in case you were hoping to store a Pokemon toy inside of it. The Wand Company is also making replicas of other types of Poke Balls, but they will be released later in 2021. These will include replicas of Great Balls, Premier Balls, and Ultra Balls.

The 2021 Pokemon Day will be a very special occasion, as it will mark the 25th anniversary of the series. The day is likely to be filled with announcements for new games, and you can enjoy those reveals while staring lovingly at a replica Poke Ball when it arrives at your home.

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The Poke Ball replicas will be released on February 27, 2021. The replicas of the Great Ball, Premier Ball, and Ultra Ball will be released in 2021.

Source: The Wand Company

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