XCOM 2 Collection Is Heading To iOS In November

From Feral Interactive, the same company that ported Tropico and Company of Heroes to iOS, comes their latest porting project. XCOM 2 Collection includes all previously released DLC And the War of the Chosen expansion pack, and it’s now coming to an iPhone near you.

The biggest difference between the regular XCOM 2 experience and the mobile port is the adapted touchscreen UI that allows it to be played without a controller or other input device. The UI has been completely altered to fit touch buttons, which has resulted in certain screens becoming a bit more cluttered than you might remember. Other screens have been totally altered, such as the barracks and armory screens.

Curiously, the base construction screen seems largely unchanged but it’s also the most cluttered of all.

Thankfully, the core turn-based tactical combat looks to be as slick as ever. You can still get a good view of the battlefield and you never have to feel rushed into a fight. This will give players ample opportunity to familiarize themselves with the controls if they’re new to the touchscreen experience.

For those who haven’t played the original PC release, XCOM 2 takes place just after the events of the original XCOM and The Enemy Within expansion. Aliens have invaded, all the world’s nations have surrendered, and XCOM has gone underground as a resistance organization fighting for the freedom of humanity. They’ve managed to steal an alien spacecraft to use as an enemy base and recruit resistance fighters from the few bastions that aren’t entirely controlled by ADVENT, the alien government.

XCOM 2 Collection on iOS will be about 8.7 GB and is supported on iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus, and any iPhone after the iPhone X. Supported iPads include any iPad Pro built since 2017 as well as regular iPads built since 2019.

The game will be priced at $25 USD and have no in-app purchases. XCOM 2 Collection for iOS releases on November 5th.

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