xQc Turns Into Junkrat For Insane Kill In VALORANT

Famous streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel lit the internet on fire with this insane Junkrat-like VALORANT kill.

VALORANT has taken Twitch, and the gaming world, by storm as the closed beta has been slowly opening up. Gamers have been flooding into the streams of popular Twitch personalities such as Summit1G, TimTheTatman, and xQc until they were able to get an access code of their own. All at once, it seems, Twitch has jumped on board with a new game as Summit1G and TimTheTatman had over 300,000 concurrent viewers between them.

xQc may have made the play of the day on Tuesday, as he showed his gaming dominance will most likely continue into Riot’s new 5v5 shooter.

Showing viewers his best Junkrat impression, xQc took flight, bouncing not once, but twice to avoid damage. Landing and surprising his enemy, he takes him down before he even realized that xQc was there.

Dominant players like Shroud, Summit1G, and xQc that are known for their natural gaming skill, or have experience with CS:GO, will most likely carry over that ability to VALORANT. Viewers should be excited as this remarkable play is barely scratching the surface of what is to come from these well known streamers. VALORANT is likely to bring out the best and could not have come at a better time due to many shelter in place orders. It is almost a certainty that this game will be an absolute hit once it drops this summer.

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