Animal Crossing: New Horizons Now Lets You Farm Mystery Islands Indefinitely

If you’ve wished to stay on your own tarantula (or scorpion) island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons indefinitely, a new update will let you farm for bells to your heart’s content.

Dodo Airlines, the service that lets you visit other islands in New Horizons, is now letting you send items back to your home island while visiting either a mystery island or Harv’s island. It’s the former that’s more interesting though, since your excursions to mystery islands were previously limited to how many of its treasures you could fit in your inventory before making the trip home to cash in.

Now, Dodo Airlines gives you two options to stay as long as you like. The first will let you deliver any items to your home storage back on your island for free. The second is similar to the box outside of Nook’s Cranny. You’ll be able to sell items without having to leave whatever island you’re currently visiting, but your sell price will be slightly less as a result. But given the choice between that and having to leave for good, it’s a small price to pay.

You will need to visit Harv’s Island first before Wilbur (the dodo that flies you to other islands) opens up both options to you, which you’ll want to do anyway now that wedding season is live in New Horizons. Wilbur will also keep selling you a limited selection of tools too, so that you can keep your island farming going as long as you like.

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