Animal Crossing: New Horizons Player Turns Island Into Mario Party Board

Animal Crossing: New Horizons gives players a ton of freedom in how they want to design their islands. They’ve used that freedom to come up with new events and games to play with their friends online. One of the most inventive creations is by Redditor BunnyBoiEthos, who is turning their village into a Mario Party map.

“I love the [Mario Party] series,” BunnyBoiEthos wrote in a Reddit Post. “At first I thought I was gonna model it after some of my fave boards (Shy Guy’s Perplex Express and Grand Canal and a couple others) but then decided to just make it a bunch of smaller boards with themes based on the island!”

BunnyBoiEthos’ island has blue, red, and question mark spaces laid out across the map like a game board. The spaces, along with some of the pathways, are created with custom designs. Nook’s Cranny and the Able Sisters shop are placed as if they were the item shops from Mario Party. It’s still a work in progress, but BunnyBoiEthos wants to try running Mario Party-like games within Animal Crossing soon.

“I have a couple minigame ideas and I get inspiration from people making games on YouTube,” they told GameSpot. “Each area has a couple fruits associated with it and players can get fruit by exchanging bells on fruit spaces (like Mario Party stars) or landing on happening spaces. The first person to collect all 5 fruit would be the winner.”

This Mario Party-themed island has highlighted some gameplay features that didn’t make the jump from Animal Crossing: New Leaf to New Horizons. Players could play games, like hide-and-seek or one where you hit a little robot with a hammer, with their friends on the 3DS game’s tropical island. New Horizons has no minigames, outside events like the fishing tournaments, so people are creating their own.

While New Horizons has a ton of in-game sporting goods, none of them can be used. Players have gone as far to use a player character as a ball in games of soccer. Others have built rulesets for game shows like Deal or No Deal. Other simple minigames, like hide-and-seek, are easy enough to duplicate in game as well.

BunnyBoiEthos practically recreated the board game spin-off Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival in New Horizons with his Mario Party island. They’re excited to decorate with the newly announced Super Mario Bros. furniture that was announced in the Nintendo Direct this week.

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