Burnout Paradise For Switch Gets A Release Date–And A High Price Tag

Burnout Paradise was one of the very first games to deliver on the promise of open world street racing, and now its remaster is making its way to Nintendo Switch on June 19. This version of the over-the-top racer includes all the DLCs for the game, including the Big Surf Island and Cops and Robbers.

According to a blog post, Burnout Paradise will run in 60 FPS on the Switch, and will feature significant improvements over the original, such as pinch-and-pull map controls and high-resolution textures. It will also include online multiplayer for up to 9 drivers. It’s currently listed for pre-orders at $50–for comparison, the PC version of the remaster is currently listed for $20.

Though it’s well over a decade old at this point, Burnout Paradise is generally considered one of the best racing games of its era. However, despite its success over the years, we have yet to see an official follow-up to the Burnout series.

Several of the key personnel involved with pioneering the franchise left developer Criterion and started their own studio, which produced a Burnout-style game in 2019 called Dangerous Driving. Recent news indicates that Dangerous Driving 2 will be an open world game like Paradise, so maybe fans are finally going to get an unofficial follow-up that they’ve been wanting for many years.

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