Nintendo Heard Your Complaints About Animal Crossing Eggs

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons community has been up to its stylish haircuts in eggs over the last week, but a new update to the game calms it down with the egg output. According to the official patch notes for version 1.1.4, which you can read below, the “appearance rate” of Bunny Day egg drops has been adjusted through April 11. That means fewer eggs popping out of every tree, rock, and body of water in the game–Animal Crossing fishers rejoice!

Reports of the new egg drop rate first came from Siliconera prior to the patch’s English translation. The adjusted drop rate will be in effect until April 11, then go back to a higher drop rate on Bunny Day proper, which is April 12. Though you may already have all the eggs you need, it does make sense for them to become more commonplace on the holiday itself.

During the Bunny Day festivities, you can find eggs scattered throughout the island in all the areas you would usually farm for regular resources. An egg might pop out of the water on your fishing line, for example, or you could dig one up instead of a fossil. Then you can use them to craft special holiday-themed items. But with the egg rate so high, players have been a little annoyed–the rate of fish spawns had been particularly difficult to deal with prior to the update.

The patch also fixes a bug that prevented players from receiving the correct sculpture after giving scarab beetles to Flick. Nintendo has been issuing updates to Animal Crossing on a pretty frequent basis, with the last one having come just last week to fix a bug with balloons.

Some recent oddities aren’t the fault of bugs, though, like a seasonal change having a big impact on tarantula farming. Still, there are plenty of ways to make money in Animal Crossing, including playing the stalk market.

Check out the full patch notes below.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Ver. 1.1.4 Patch Notes

General updates

  • Fixed an issue where, when Flick is on your island, if you give him the number of scarab beetles required for a model, the model you receive is of a different insect.
    • How this issue will be resolved in affected save data:
      After the software is updated to Ver. 1.1.4, if you give Flick the required number of scarab beetles again, you will receive the correct model.
    • Adjusted the appearance rate of some Bunny Day eggs through 11.04.2020.
      • Note: Eggs will be easier to find on Bunny Day itself, which takes place on 12.04.2020.

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