Overwatch April Fools Update Has Its Eyes On You (Its Googly Eyes, Specifically)

Overwatch has always provided a steady stream of free updates that add limited-time events and new characters, but the latest may be the greatest yet. A new April Fools’ update to the game appears to keep all the regular gameplay and systems intact, but adds a little something special to each character: googly eyes.

Yes, like the little plastic ones you get from a craft store.

Each character has a googly-eyed makeover, making them look much sillier than their usual selves. In fact, the more aggressive and threatening the original character, the better they look with googly eyes. Take a look at Doomfist, for example:

Just perfection.

Blizzard didn’t formally announce this update, so there’s no telling how long it will last–but at least until April 2 is a pretty safe bet.

Meanwhile, the new character Echo is available to play on the public test realm on PC, and an ongoing limited-time event lets you earn a special Doomfist skin. Of course, the impact of the new skin is slightly reduced by the googly-eyed silliness, but that will pass. Probably.

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