Hasan Does The #1 VR Don’t

Twitch streamer Hassan does the number one thing you should never do while playing a VR game.

VR has always had a problem: you need space. A lot of it. And you also need to keep track of where you are in the real world even as you play a virtual reality game. Lose track of your real-world footing and you can run into problems such as walls or furniture.

The number one thing you need to remember in VR gaming is to always center yourself in the play area BEFORE you game. Hassan didn’t do that on his most recent stream, much to his regret. And his controller’s regret, and maybe his wall’s regret.

On the last round of his Super Hot VR play session, Hassan gears himself up for the fight of his life but forgets where he is on his play mat. This means that his first punch not only connects with the simulated enemy in Super Hot but also the wall next to his door.


The good news is that the wall seems to be mostly undamaged. The bad news is that his controller is almost certainly scuffed and possibly cracked. And if not, the delicate internal mechanisms that keep track of where your fists are located don’t really like hard impacts. Let’s hope that Hassan is still under warranty.

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