This Okami Nendoroid Is Too Cute To Handle

If you’re into collecting video game figurines, you’re probably aware of Nendoroids, which offer chibi versions of popular characters. They’re higher quality (and thus more expensive) than the more mainstream Funko Pop figures, but Nendoroids are true collectibles that look pretty awesome lined up on a shelf. The latest video game Nendoroid to catch our eye is this incredible figure portraying Sun Goddess (and Very Good Pup) Amaterasu, from the critically acclaimed 2006 game Okami. Pre-orders just opened for the new Amaterasu Nendoroid–which was created with character designer Kenichiro Yoshimura–with two purchase options available.

Okami Amaterasu Nendoroid | $53

The regular Amaterasu Nendoroid is available for $53, while the DX version is a bit pricier at $74. Both versions include optional parts so you can set up the adorable wolf with different facial expressions and poses. Buying the regular version gets you two different faceplates for Amaterasu: a “gallant” expression and a “charming, open-mouthed” expression. The figure also comes with Amaterasu’s traveling companion Issun and the Reflector Divine Retribution used for fighting demons.

Pre-order standard version:

Okami Amaterasu DX Ver. Nendoroid | $74

For about $20 more, you can get the DX version of the Okami Nendoroid, which comes with all of the above as well as an alternate set of legs, the Glaive Tsumugari, Devout Beads Rosary, and Oddly Shaped Turnip.

Pre-order DX version:

Good Smile, the Japanese company that creates Nendoroids, is also offering a bonus for purchasing directly from its site: a Praise Orb accessory to go with your figure. Pre-orders are open from now until August 6, 2020, so be sure to place your order before then if you want to own this adorable figurine. The Nendoroid is expected to ship to the US in December 2020. For more information, see the official product page at Good Smile.

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