Amazon MMO New World Shares How Crafting Will Work

New World, Amazon’s upcoming MMO, has revealed more details about how its crafting system will work. According to a post on the game’s official website, crafting will allow players to not only decorate houses but to acquire powerful items.

This information comes hot on the heels of an announcement from Amazon about how character progression will operate in the game’s setting of Aeturnum. While New World’s release has been delayed to later this year, it looks like other announcements about the title’s mechanics are planned for the interim to keep people interested.

Crafting in New World is noted as one of the three essential systems that make up character progression. Crafting in particular will grant players additional resource efficiency over time if they’re creating useful consumables. On top of that, players who pick up skills like Weaponsmithing will be able to benefit from the ability to make their own gear.

When crafting equipment, players have a random chance for the resulting gear to gain one or more perks, potentially giving crafted gear an edge over what you can loot in the game. Furthermore, crafting can be used by advanced players to help amateur players; you will be able to make both clothing and weapons if you level up the right skills, and gearing up friends can help them level more efficiently.

On top of that, players also have to consider crafting modifiers in New World, which you gain from harvesting various ingredients in Aeturnum for use in crafting. If you want to get the most out of your crafting experience by being able to further enrich your gear, then a corresponding gathering class seems to be the most efficient and potent way to maximize gains.

However, it’s not only about things that help you stab enemies more efficiently. You can also craft furniture for your housing in Aeturnum, and you’ll be able to make not only functional storage but decorative items so that your house can be more than just a place to rest your head.

It looks like crafting skills are not only essential as part of the New World experience, but also provide players with versatile outcomes that range from practical to aesthetic. The MMO will release on PC on August 25, and Amazon has previously also confirmed that it is working on other projects in the meantime–a Lord of the Rings MMO–and more recently, has released Crucible.


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