Red Dead Online Adds Two Legendary Bucks And A Hardcore Game Mode

The latest update for Red Dead Online is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. After adding two Legendary Coyotes in last week’s update, this week’s continues the Naturalist theme with the addition of two more Legendary animals for you to hunt. There’s also a new Free Roam Event that focuses on photography, and the introduction of a Hardcore Series for anyone who fancies themselves an expert gunslinger.

A pair of Legendary Bucks have been spotted in New Hanover and West Elizabeth. The Legendary Mud Runner Buck is noted for its aggressive nature and unique piebald coat, and can be found in the south of The Heartlands by Flat Iron Lake. The Legendary Snow Buck, meanwhile, can often be found grazing near the Aurora Basin. You can photograph, track, sedate, and sample them both to receive rewards from Harriet. Alternatively, you can opt to hunt and skin the beasts before bringing their pelts back to Gus to adorn your trophies.

There’s a 50% increase in XP (as well as Role XP) and monetary rewards for returning Legendary Buck samples to Harriet, while Gus will offer a 50% bonus payout on intact carcasses and pelts. You can also use the pelts to craft the Mud Runner Coat and Snow Coat.

In keeping with the wildlife theme, the latest update introduces a new Free Roam Event that tasks you with photographing animals in their natural habitat. You’ll compete against other players to rack up the highest score, earning more points by photographing as many animals as you can while paying close attention to the quality of your composition. The victor will receive generous XP and monetary payouts, and the best individual photograph taken during the each event will also earn a reward.

For those who feel more at home shooting their fellow outlaws, the Hardcore Series has been added to the Featured Series playlist. This new mode ditches Ability Cards and consumables in favor of a purer style of gunplay where the only thing that matters is your accuracy and trigger finger. This week, you can jump into Hardcore variations of Overrun, Spoils of War, Hostile Territory, and Most Wanted.

On top of this, the latest update also adds new emotes you can purchase from the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue, bonus XP and monetary rewards for completing any Free Roam Events, and discounts on tonics, craftable Coats, and Trinkets.

Prime Gaming subscribers can also grab the following items:

  • Five free Legendary Animal Pheromones
  • 6,000 Naturalist XP
  • A free Wilderness Camp
  • A free Katata Coat crafted from the Legendary Elk hide.

Players connected to Prime Gaming will also receive offers for 50% off a Camp Dog, 50% off a Tent, and 50% off a Vest below Rank 15, as well as 10x each of Special Health Cures, Special Snake Oil, Special Miracle Tonic, and Special Bitters at their Camp Lockbox or any Post Office.

Rockstar Games has undergone some recent changes, with longtime writer and personality Lazlow Jones leaving the company. In addition to work on the Red Dead series, he also contributed to writing and voice work in Grand Theft Auto.

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