Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How To Catch Fleas

Populating Blathers’ museum on your Animal Crossing island will mean capturing creatures big and small, from the prehistoric deep sea coelacanth to pill bugs cowering underneath rocks. Most humble among the fauna possible to donate and display within the museum’s walls is the flea. In daily life fleas are little more than a nearly-imperceptible pest, and while Blathers himself may be in agreement with this sentiment, procuring a flea is a necessary step in completing the Animal Crossing museum. Some players very well may have trouble finding a flea in the first place, however, as they appear in a different manner than most of the bugs in the game.

Finding A Flea

Rather than appearing among your island’s natural features, fleas will rather pop up on the bodies of one of your villagers, just as they would on a domestic dog or cat.

There are a couple of ways to tell if one of your villagers has fleas. First, as they approach, you can hear a jumping sound effect if you listen closely, which is visually represented by very tiny bug-like shapes jumping up and down off of whichever part of the animal they’ve decided to make their home. The villager’s face may also indicate that something is wrong.

Additionally, if those signs are questionable or unclear, talking to the flea-ridden villager will prompt a message about itchiness, which will supersede their normal dialogue. This means that, for a friendly villager for example, three dialogue options are normally available—one to chat with them, one to give them an item and one to simply leave. A flea-ridden villager will rather complain about itching and provide no further options for dialogue until you speak with them a second time.

Catching A Flea

You can then catch the flea right off of the villager’s body. In order to do so, ready the net by holding down the A button while a short distance from the villager. This prevents your A button press from activating dialogue with that villager instead of readying the net. Then make your approach and swing the net toward where you’re seeing the dot-sized insects jumping up and down off of them.

If you catch one successfully, you’ll get the standard bug-catching animation, and the cured villager will thank you for ridding them of the pest. Fleas will appear between April and November in the Northern Hemisphere and October and May in the Southern Hemisphere and can pop up any time during the day.

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