Animal Crossing: New Horizons – QR Codes For Nintendo-Themed Outfits

The quirky life simulator Animal Crossing has always been focused on letting users express their creative sides. From item placement to house management and more, the ultimate realization of this idea is with custom fashion. What was once a simple pixel editor has grown to allow full costumes to be created.

With New Horizons, fans are using the power of the internet to share QR codes for custom designs with everyone. If you’re simply tired of looking like a regular person, you can find shirts, dresses, pants, and more based on practically any popular film/game/band. In fact, we’ve compiled a small list of some Nintendo themed designs for you to dress up in.

So grab your Mario hat, don your Zelda tunic, and get to island living!

Super Mario

Do you love New York City and Mario? This Nintendo NY themed shirt will help you express that in Animal Crossing.

Mix your love of Princess Peach and Japanese fashion together with this cute kimono.

Here’s a trio of Mario themed items that are sure to make you smile.

Wario numba one!

I’ve always loved the 3-up moon.

This might be more Zelda themed, but it does have a Mario shirt. It also makes for a nice segue to our next segment.

The Legend of Zelda

If Twilight Princess Zelda is your bag, this dress is for you.

It won’t take 100 years of slumber for you to get this tunic.

I swear I’ve seen this hat at Hot Topic.

Outfits like this make me wish I were more creative. I love that Wind Waker Ganondorf dress.


At least someone appreciates Skyward Sword.

I’ll take ten.

This Link hoodie is basically like the one I actually own.

And now I’ve found my latest piece of clothing.


Someone really loves Ash Ketchum.

These are some very creative dresses based on different legendary Pokémon.

I’d honestly buy these for real.

Here’s a cute Rowlet shirt and hat.

No word on if the Psyduck dress will make you confused or not.

I’m honestly blown away by this Pokédex phone case.

The last one got a laugh out of me.

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