Why These Anime Series Should Be Turned Into Video Games

There’s been a lot written about video games that should be turned into anime, but not as much about the great anime that are deserving of their own video games. Countless anime have already been made into games, but there are still a few gems that we haven’t seen yet that would function incredibly as a game.

Parasyte: The Maxim


In Parasyte: The Maxim, Shinichi Izumi is a relatively average, 17-year-old boy who experiences a worm-like alien invade his body in the middle of the night. The alien, Migi, tried to get to Shinichi’s brain, but is blocked by headphones. Thus, Migi is only able to take over Shinichi’s arm, and ends up sharing Shinichi’s body throughout the series.

The show focuses on the conflict between Shinichi and Migi in both intellect and morals. Shinichi wants to rid the earth of the parasites, but those are Migi’s kind that he instinctually wants to preserve.

Why It Would Make A Good Game

The parasite causes Shinichi to gain extraordinary physical abilities, so Shinichi can keep up when fighting against the other parasites. This would be a great game because the combat would be both unique and interesting, controlling both Shinichi and his alien right hand that can transform into a type of weapon form and move separately from Shinichi. Furthermore, the monsters (parasites) are unique but look just like the type of monsters you’d imagine fighting in a sci-fi or fantasy video game.

The Promised Neverland


Centered around orphan children, The Promised Neverland is a lot darker than it first seems. The orphanage that they stay at seems to be nice; they get comfy beds, good food, and freedom to do as they please during the day, aside from venture beyond the gates around the orphanage’s land. Emma and Norman, two of the main characters, chase after one of the recently adopted orphans who forget her stuffed bear, only to find out that what’s really going on is something completely different than what they’d thought.

SLIGHT SPOILER BELOW (revealed early in the show)

In reality, the orphans are being butchered when they are supposedly “adopted,” and then sold to demons as meat. The orphans must find a way to escape before the rest of them are murdered and eaten as well.

Why It Would Make A Good Game

There would be a lot of “sneak mode” in this game, to get around the demons or the people who run the orphanage. This game could be great as more of a puzzle game (such as Little Nightmares), where you must figure out how to get through places without being seen. Or potentially, with some tweaking, this could also be a combat game of sorts if the children figure out a weakness that the demons have that they can use to their advantage.

Deadman Wonderland


A seemingly normal schoolboy, Ganta, is framed for massacring his entire class. Following this, he is sentenced to Deadland Wonderland, a theme-park prison. While there, Ganta develops the ability to control his own blood for weapon use, making him one of the Deadmen (people infected who have the special ability to control their blood). Upon learning this, Ganta is forced into deathmatch fights, known as the Carnival Corpse, which spectators pay money to watch. While Ganta tries to survive, he is also trying to locate the Red Man (the one who actually butchered his class and had Ganta framed) and uncover the mysteries at Deadman Wonderland.

Why It Would Make A Good Game

There are two aspects to this that would make a good came. For starters, the combat would be frequent, given the gladiator death matches that occur often, and it would be unique. The combat would involve a system of controlling your own blood as a form of weaponry, in addition to monitoring the amount of strength you have left. The fights would be exciting, as opponents all have different ways of manipulating their blood. Furthermore, the time outside of the battles can be spent trying to uncover secrets, speaking to the other inmates, and exposing the Red Man for what he truly is. This is the part of the game that you could collect items and get into smaller side battles to build up experience points.

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