After 61 Deaths And 45 Hours, Someone Finished The Last Of Us 2 On Permadeath Mode

Hardcore gamers are always looking for new ways to challenge their skills in-game. The Last of Us 2’s update in August introduced the unforgiving Grounded mode and the Permadeath mode that one gamer has now managed to complete. YouTuber DomTheBomb is the crowned gamer who beat Naughty Dog’s brutal, post-apocalyptic sequel, by surviving on one […]

After 23 Years, The Original Postal Game Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch will see the release of POSTAL Redux, a remake of the original isometric shoot ’em up video game developed by Running With Scissors that was launched in 1997. POSTAL Redux, the first game in the series to get a console port thanks to MD Games, will feature new levels and a new gameplay […]

Biogamergirl Ending After 10 Year Run and its associated projects are coming to a close after an extensive run. Since 2010 the multimedia suite provided a multitude of gaming perspectives on the website and also published a print publication. But the gaming related projects don’t stop there — site founder and executive director of operations Amanda Dyar has spent considerable time in the industry in […]

Battletoads back after 26 years, releasing in August After a really quiet couple of years, the Battletoads’ long awaited comeback is finally happening next month on Xbox One and PC. At E3 2018, Microsoft announced a brand new Battletoads game that was in development, but news almost immediately dried up. The game has been absent since, aside from a gameplay trailer at […]

After A Long Wait, NHL 21 News Is Finally Coming Soon

NHL 21 was nowhere to be seen at EA Play Live in June, but it seems the game may finally be getting close to its proper reveal. The game’s community manager said in a July 17-dated tweet that a an “update” on NHL 21 is coming sometime this week. EA not announcing NHL 21 at […]

After Delay For "More Important Voices," Sony Preparing PS5 Reveal

Update: Sony has set a new reveal date for June 11. It originally postponed the planned PlayStation 5 event in order to “stand back and allow more important voices to be heard.” This followed statements issued by Sony and PlayStation, among those from many other companies, in response to the protests. Original story follows… Sony […]

Report: After July, all new PS4 games must run on the PS5 according to Sony

The PlayStation 5’s release is visible on the horizon, but for the next few months the PlaySation 4 will remain Sony’s flagship console. According to a report from Eurogamer, Sony has already informed developers that any PS4 game submitted after July 13 will also have to be compatible with the PS5. In this case, compatibility […]

Cicadas Are Back After 17 Years, But Won't Hit Animal Crossing Until July

If you’ve played any of the Animal Crossing games before New Horizons, then you’re no stranger to the mystical buzzing of the cicada. The loud summer bugs are a staple of the franchise and are finally returning to the real world after 17 years of underground development. They’ll start to cover trees across Eastern North […]

Nintendo goes after Super Mario 64 PC port with copyright claims

Lawyers for Nintendo have reportedly filed copyright claims to take down videos and posts related to the Super Mario 64 PC port that was released in early May, according to TorrentFreak. A 12-minute video of the game in action was removed from YouTube The fan-developed port of Super Mario 64 grabbed headlines for its 4K […]

Facebook is Going After Animal Crossing Players Who Talk About Weeds

Weeds have long been an issue in the Animal Crossing series. Now we’re seeing just how problematic they can be, as Facebook cracks down on players innocently commenting on the unwelcome plant life. As we all know, the central goal of the Animal Crossing games is to develop a town/island you’re happy with. Some players […]