Best Buy Is Offering A Much Better Looking Steelbook For Lost Judgment Pre-Orders

This morning’s announcement of Lost Judgment was very exciting for fans of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios’ games. Not only will detective Yagami Takayuki get a second outing to spread his wings, but the Yakuza series’ signature beat-em-up action would be returning after last year’s Yakuza: Like a Dragon shifted towards being turn-based. It’s a win-win […]

How Much to Invest Into Fly Fishing Equipment

Fly fishing is an angling method of catching fish that uses an artificial lure known as a fly. The fly is basically an imitation of any insect. The fly is usually cast into the water using a fly rod, reel, and a specialized weighted line. Since this method is a lightweight form of casting, it […]

I Hate That I Know So Much About Pokemon These Days

Pokemon turned 25 last month, and I’ve been playing it for almost that entire time. My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Blue, and it was both the first game I ever finished, and the first game I ever cheated in. Since then, I’ve played the main series games, the spin off games, even the monopoly […]

Here's how much more gaming you did due to COVID

It’s no surprise that the global pandemic has spurred a huge uptick in gaming, but we now have an idea of just how much more that might be. According to figures released from Valve, the parent company of online gaming service Steam, subscribers spent some 31.3 billion hours playing PC games in 2020. That’s a […]

Dirt 5 reminded me how much I needed MotorStorm back in my life

Video games often strive to give the player a sense of place for somewhere in real life. Dirt 5 is the only video game to give me the sense of place in another video game: MotorStorm. Sure, the pre-race countdown (a succession of closeups) is a straight lift from the PlayStation 3’s MotorStorm: Pacific Rift […]

5 Dangers of Losing Too Much Weight on Your Health

The modern world is a difficult place to be if you are overweight or obese because society is geared towards everybody having the perfect figure. The rise of social media has not helped this as there are millions of images bombarding us each day of ‘perfect’ looking celebrities telling us that their lifestyle and body […]

Hades Dev Shows How Much Work Goes Into Its Gorgeous Visuals

Since Hades had its full release in September, after almost two years in early access, players have been appreciating the insane level of detail in Supergiant’s latest game. Now, the studio have shared a look at some of the work behind those details in a VFX video posted to Twitter. As a game that draws […]

Mod Corner: Fallout 4 Is Much Better When Ron Perlman Narrates Your Death

Fallout 4 wasn’t a hit with everyone, but this game gave us Piper and Nick Valentine, so we’re thankful. For those that are still on the fence about how they feel about the latest entry into the single-player branch of Fallout, maybe Ron Perlman’s husky tones will be enough to persuade you.  For this week’s Mod […]

Here's How Much Xbox Series X Extra Storage Costs

Xbox Series X and Series S preorders are set to go live today. And while we’ve known the price of the consoles themselves–$500 and $300, respectively–the ability to order accessories is shedding some light on how much we can expect accessories like extra storage to cost. Users on ResetEra have found UK retailers listing the […]