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With a successful holiday season under its belt, Facebook was no doubt looking forward to resupplying its retail partners with more Oculus Quest & Rift S stock. However in a perfect storm of high demand, low supply, and on-going supply chain disruptions due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), both headsets have been largely unavailable for purchase.

Although it’s hard to gauge exactly when you might be able to easily pick up either headset in greater numbers, Facebook’s Oculus is offering both Quest, its popular standalone headset, and Rift S, its PC VR headset, in a number of countries around the world.

The good news (for some) is that the 64GB version of Quest is still readily available in Europe, and parts of Asia. Taiwan and Japan are especially lucky to have full stock of 64GB and 128GB versions of Quest, and Rift S.

And the bad news: Canada and the United States are still without stock on both flavors of Quest and Rift S. We’re keeping our eyes glued to its retail partners there, including NewEgg, Best Buy, and Amazon, as they tend to publish arrival dates for stock.

Quest & Rift S Availability by Country*

Country 64 GB 128 GB Rift S
Australia × ×
Austria ×
Beglium ×
Denmark ×
Finland ×
France ×
Germany ×
Iceland ×
Italy ×
Ireland ×
Japan × × ×
Netherlands ×
New Zealand × ×
Norway ×
Poland ×
South Korea
Spain ×
Sweden ×
Switzerland ×
Taiwan × × ×
United Kingdom ×
United States

*We’ll be keeping this list up to date every few days until Quest & Rift S stock have been more or less restored.

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