Is the new Graffiti Mod in Apex Legends staying for Season 6?

Apex Legends released a new Limited-Time Mode yesterday, Always Be Closing Evolved. Along with this though, Respawn Entertainment seems to be testing out a new hop-up within the mode. Only in the LTM, you can find the Graffiti Mod hop-up for the Spitfire light machine gun. Essentially, this attachment gives you the option to switch your regular bullets with paintball bullets. The hop-up also gives you some extra bullets in your magazine. Players are enjoying the Graffiti Mod so far but should they expect it to roll over into Season 6?

The Graffiti Mod in Apex Legends

A few weeks ago, it was leaked that the Graffiti Mod would arrive with the Always Be Closing Evolved LTM. However, that leak gave us no indication of whether or not Respawn Entertainment would keep it in Apex Legends. The developers have never really implemented an item in the game that they didn’t plan to keep around, though.

Still, there hasn’t been much talk about the Graffiti Mod. It is only for the Spitfire and doesn’t do much for gameplay besides adding some extra bullets to the LMG’s magazine. The paintball bullets don’t have any special effects other than lighting up your enemies with bright colors.

So in regards to Season 6, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether or not the Graffiti Mod will stay in the loot pool. It would be somewhat strange for Respawn to release an Apex Legends item just for one week, however. Season 6 begins on August 18 and is set to introduce a flurry of new content. It would make sense for the Graffiti Mod to be a part of those additions.

We should hear more about Respawn’s intentions with the hop-up in the coming days. Make sure to keep up with Daily Esports for updates on this story and all Apex Legends news.

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