A New Leak Of Pokémon Gold & Silver From ’97 With Unused Pokémon Has Appeared Online

There has been another Pokémon Gold & Silver demo leak and it’s hot on the heels of the Space World ’99 leak. The new leak is based on an earlier version of the game that predates the build that leaked in 2018, with even more unused Pokémon designs that have never been seen before now.

In 2018, a demo of Pokémon Gold & Silver that was shown at Space World ’97 leaked online, which featured a number of unused Pokémon designs that had never been seen before. This leak was followed by an early build of Pokémon Red & Green, which had even more beta content. Since then, there has been a sprite leak of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, a source code leak of Pokémon Yellow that revealed that a game called Pokémon Pink was considered for development, and another demo of Pokémon Gold & Silver from ’99, which leaked a few hours ago.

There are some incredible finds among the sprites, including what appears to be an Ice-type version of Cyndaquil, what appears to be a prototype version of Fennekin, Pokémon based on snow rabbits, a new elephant Pokémon, an unused mid-stage evolution for Natu/Xatu, what appears to be a beta version of Gligar, a Pokémon that resembles a Viking longboat, what appears to be a beta version of Chimecho, a squirrel Pokémon carrying a sword on its back, what appears to be early versions of Burmy/Mothim, a skeleton monster, and a koala Pokémon, just to name a few.

The leaks keep coming and even more secrets about the second generation of Pokémon games are revealed by the day. It’s incredible that there are so many unused Pokémon designs that Game Freak has sat on all of these years, and it’s even more incredible that fans are now able to see them after all of this time.

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