All The Characters You Expect In My Hero One’s Justice 2 Are There

My Hero One’s Justice, a 3D fighting game based on the My Hero Academia anime, was released in August of 2018 in Japan, and was the debut of Deku and co. in virtual form. A sequel, My Hero One’s Justice 2, has not only already been confirmed, but will be out later this week. Leading up to its release, publisher Bandai Namco has been posting a series of character trailers, highlighting the new additions to the game’s roster. Now, in a new “Legacy Character” trailer, Bandai Namco is turning the spotlight onto its returning series stars.

The trailer is organized by character pairings, showing off its host of fan favorites in series appropriate battles (whether between notable friends or enemies). For example, the video opens on a shouting match between U.A. Academy bad boys Kirishima and Bakugo, and ends on a recreation of the mythic battle between All Might’s One For All and the supervillainous All For One.

Previous to this final confirmation of the game’s legacy characters, My Hero One’s Justice 2 was announced to include content from the Shie Hassaikai arc, which only just concluded in the anime series in February of this year. This means that new to the game are story arc villain Kai Chisaki and story arc-important heroes like Fat Gum and Lemillion. Other new additions include Gang Orca, Twice, Mr. Compress and previously-unplayable U.A. students Mineta and Mina Ashido, among others.

Featuring a roster of more than 40 characters in total—nearly double the 23 of its predecessor, all of whom are returning—it will now be possible to pit Chisaki against villains from previous arcs, like Hero Killer: Stain and Muscular, to give one example of a non-canon match-ups possible in the sequel.

Preordering the game before its release date will give players early unlocks of Midoriya’s Full Cowling 100% form and Chisaki’s powered-up form, as well as make season one villain Nomu available as a playable character. Save data from the first One’s Justice game will also unlock a new outfit for Midoriya. My Hero One’s Justice 2 will be released for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC in both Japan and the U.S. on March 13th.

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