Biomutant: All Breeds Explained

Breeds in Biomutant are similar to races in other RPGs. Each breed comes with its own set of attributes that play a significant role in your playstyle. While all Breeds can use every weapon and skill in the game, some are more suited towards specific abilities than others.

Before creating your character, take a minute to familiarize yourself with all available breeds and the advantages they bring to the table. From Primal and Dumdon to Rex and Murgel, here’s everything you need to know about Breeds in Biomutant.

Primal: The Nimble Breed

This nimble class makes a lot of trade-offs for improved Critical Chance and faster Energy Regen. Primal characters will see reductions in most other stats – although it’s still a viable breed for players seeking a fast-paced build.

  • Massive decrease in Melee Damage.
  • Moderate decrease in Health.
  • Moderate decrease in Ki Energy.
  • Minor decrease in Armor.
  • Moderate increase in Energy Regen.
  • Increase to Critical Chance.

While you won’t have much success with melee-builds, Primal characters can still find incredible success with Ranged Weapon builds. To that end, both Dead-Eye and Commando classes are a solid choice.

Dumdon: The Melee Breed

Despite its name, Dumdon aren’t that dumb. They’re not bright, mind you, but they’re still a solid choice for intelligence-based classes. Their true strength, however, is Melee Damage – although that strength is partially offset by reduced Critical Chance.

  • Moderate decrease in Energy Regen.
  • Decreased Critical Chance.
  • Massive increase in Melee Damage.
  • Moderate increase in Health.
  • Moderate increase in Ki Energy.
  • Minor increase in Armor.

Saboteur is a great fit for Dumdon, although they’re a surprisingly well-balanced breed that fits in with most builds.

Rex: The Balanced Breed

If you’re not sure which playstyle you’re leaning towards, the Rex breed is arguably your best option. This jack-of-all-trades isn’t particularly good at anything, but isn’t noticeably bad at anything, either. You’ll lose a bit of Melee Damage as a Rex, but gain a bit of Ki Energy and Power in return.

  • Major decrease in Melee Damage.
  • Major increase in Health.
  • Moderate increase in Ki Energy.
  • Minor increase in Power.

As a well-rounded breed, most classes are a good fit for Rex. The only one you might want to pass on is Saboteur, due to its reliance on melee skills.

Hyla: The Tank Breed

Getting up close and personal is a specialty of the Hyla breed, as it’s the “tankiest” class of the bunch. Trading in some Intellect for more armor, it’ll take a serious punch to knock them out of a fight.

  • Moderate decrease to Ki Energy.
  • Minor decrease to Power.
  • Reduced Critical Chance.
  • Moderate increase to Armor.
  • Minor increase to Health.

Thanks to its increased resilience, Hylas are a perfect match for melee-based classes such as Saboteur. Ranged classes such as Sentinel and Dead-Eye could also be a good fit, although the reduced Critical Chance doesn’t fit all ranged playstyles.

Fip: The Intelligent Breed

Arguably the smartest of the breeds, the Fip class makes up for poor Health and Armor stats with a massive boost to its Intellect. If you’re seeking a breed that’s fit for a magic-based build, look no further than the wise Fip.

  • Massive decrease to Health.
  • Moderate decrease to Armor.
  • Minor decrease to Melee Damage.
  • Massive increase to Ki Energy.
  • Moderate increase to Power.
  • Moderate increase to Energy Regen.
  • Increase to Critical Chance.

The Fip breed pairs well with the Psi-Freak class, leveraging its increased intellect to cast devastating Psi Powers without draining their Ki Energy.

Murgel: The Charismatic Breed

Murgel‘s aren’t the brightest of the bunch, although you’re not likely to find a more charismatic beast anywhere in Biomutant. Anyone looking to do a bit of bartering – or anyone who loves maxing out their Luck stat – will want to take a closer look at the underrated Murgel.

  • Massive decrease in Ki Energy.
  • Moderate decrease in Energy Regen.
  • Minor decrease in Power.
  • Increase to Barter stat.
  • Increase to Critical Chance stat.
  • Increase to Loot Chance stat.

Murgel’s are a good fit for classes that don’t rely on Intellect-based skills. In particular, they can excel at ranged classes such as Commando or Dead-Eye.

Breeds Won’t Lock You Out Of Content

Regardless of your breed, Biomutant will let you use every single weapon and skill in the game. Of course, you probably won’t want to spend too much time at close range as a Primal, but you still have the option to upgrade your Strength and use two-handed slash weapons.

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