Borderlands 3 Patch Notes: Update Buffs Moze Even More

When Gearbox issued a patch to buff Moze in Borderlands 3, it noted that it wasn’t done tweaking the character and further changes would be incoming. That didn’t take long, as now the company has issued another set of hotfix patch notes, again focused primarily on making Moze stronger. It also kicks off a few limited-time mini-events for the next week.

The hotfix adjusts four of Moze’s skills, all buffs to attributes like cooldown rate or damage output, and it also makes several adjustments to her Iron Bear ability. While Moze’s adjustments are universally buffs, the tweaks to Iron Bear have a couple of nerfs as well. On the whole, though, the character is coming out much stronger.

The hotfix also introduces two mini-events: Rare Chest Riches and Loot Monster Mayhem. Rare Chest Riches increases your odds of getting Legendary items from rare chests. Loot Monster Mayhem increases the chances of Loot enemies appearing in-game and also increases their chances to drop Legendary gear. Both events will last through April 16 at 9 AM PT.

Gearbox also just launched Borderlands Science, a puzzle mini-game within Borderlands 3 that actually helps real-world scientists organize data and spot errors in their sequences. You can earn in-game currency by playing, while helping gather data that will help research diseases.

You can check out the new Moze hotfixes below.

Moze the Gunner Adjustments

  • Explosive Punctuation: Increased the cooldown rate awarded to 8%
  • Hammerdown Protocol: Increased the damage output to 600% and reduced the reload time
  • Click, Click…: Increased damage bonus from 12/24/36% to 20/40/60%
  • Specialist Bear: Increased the damage from +25% to +60%

Iron Bear Weapons Adjustments

  • Increased the base damage of the Salamander Flame Thrower
  • Increased Chemical Warfare’s Melt Damage to 125%
  • Increased the base damage of the Railgun
  • Reduced Capacitive Armature’s damage reduction from -75% to -30%
  • Reduced Corrosive Sabot Round’s damage reduction from -50% to -15%
  • Increased Shockhammer’s Shock Damage to 60% of damage dealt

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