Breath of the Wild: How To Find The Master Sword

The Master Sword is an icon of video gaming and almost synonymous with The Legend of Zelda. Despite only being introduced in A Link to the Past, the Master Sword quickly established itself as a near essential part of Zelda’s core identity. The Master Sword has since appeared in Ocarina of Time, the Oracle duology, The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, A Link Between Worlds, and now Breath of the Wild.

As important as the Master Sword is to Breath of the Wild’s backstory, it isn’t actually necessary in completing the game. Link can defeat Calamity Ganon without the Master Sword (or so much as stepping foot inside of a Divine Beast), turning the Blade of Evil’s Blade into an important unlockable instead of the plot coupon it’s been relegated to over the years.

Finding the Master Sword in Breath of the Wild is a challenge in and of itself, hidden deep in the Lost Woods and divined to kill anyone unworthy of wielding the blade. Just uncovering the Master Sword isn’t enough – Link actually needs enough Hearts to survive a stream of damage. Only then can the Hero of the Wild reclaim the sword of the heroes before him.

Finding The Lost Woods

The Lost Woods are situated deep within the Great Hyrule Forest and will disorient any players who travel through it. Before players start exploring the Lost Woods, however, they actually have to get there. Great Hyrule Forest can be found north of Hyrule Castle, in the Woodland region of Hyrule. Once Link enters the Forest, he’ll transition to the Lost Woods where you’ll need to navigate him through the fog.

The Minishi Woods lead directly into the Great Hyrule Forest, which can be accessed from the Eldin Region, Lanayru Wetlands, or Central Hyrule. All three regions have walking trails that inevitably lead into the Lost Woods. Cross reference your map, make sure to activate the Woodland Tower, and then cut through the Minishi Woods into the Forest.

Traversing The Lost Woods

The Lost Woods have always been difficult to traverse in The Legend of Zelda. The first Zelda required players to know the exact pattern to get through the Woods; A Link to the Past was covered in total fog with multiple fake exits; and Ocarina of Time’s Lost Woods forced players to listen to the music to find the right way through. Breath of the Wild’s Lost Woods makes use of the game’s physics engine to guide Link.

The key to getting through the Lost Woods is having a torch out at all times. When lit, the wind inside of the Lost Woods will direct the fire where Link needs to go. Follow where the flames point and Link will eventually stumble into the center of Lost Woods where he’ll come face to face with Koroks, the Great Deku Tree, and the legendary Master Sword.

The Blade Of Evil’s Bane

In the average Zelda game, Link usually just needs to find the Master Sword to pull it out of its pedestal. In rare cases like A Link to the Past, he can see the Master Sword before actually wielding it – something repeated in Breath of the Wild. Players need at least 13 full Heart Containers (temporary Hearts do not count) to pull out the Master Sword.

The Master Sword actually drains Link’s health during the pulling process, slowly killing him. So long as you have 13 Hearts, however, Link will survive unscathed and be able to add the Master Sword to his equipment load (it gets its own unique weapon slot, too). To get the Master Sword immediately, players need to complete at least 40 Shrines without spending any Spirit Orbs on Stamina.

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