Call Of Duty Black Ops: Cold War box art is surprisingly colourful

Activision has revealed the key art for this year’s new Call Of Duty and it implies that you’ll be playing as both sides of the Cold War.

Just as the PlayStation 5 marketing is finally kicking into gear this week so too is the reveal for Call Of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, with the full unveiling due to take place on Wednesday, 26 August.

New bits of information are being released all the time though, including the above key artwork, which will be used on what historians describe as being called ‘boxes’.

Although it’s still the ‘military guy staring into the middle distance’ look of most Call Of Duty covers it is unusually colourful compared to previous examples, which presumably is meant to reflect the game itself.

The face on the right seems to be an American soldier and the one on the left is presumably a Russian soldier, which obviously doesn’t give much away.

The implication seems to be that you play as both sides during the game, which certainly wouldn’t be unusual for Call Of Duty, while the various images of both countries’ propaganda may indicate that combatants on both sides are being controlled by indoctrination.

What is the Call Of Duty Black Ops: Cold War release date?

What’s still not clear though is whether the game is in the same continuity as previous Black Ops or if this is a reboot. You’d imagine it probably is but that’s not been confirmed yet.

There’s no release date yet either, although that will probably be announced on Wednesday. New Call Of Duty games are traditionally released in late October or early November and there’s no reason so far to think this will be any different.

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