Cookie Run: Kingdom – 5 Beginner Tips

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  • Build A Third Sugar Gnome Hut
  • Level Up Your Cookies Together
  • Keep Your Party Lineup Balanced
  • Hoard Your Crystals
  • Keep Your Kingdom In Constant Production

It's one thing to manage a small group running across various lands, it's another when you have to oversee a whole kingdom within. That's the transition from Cookie Run to Cookie Run: Kingdom, which steps up the management aspect of things.

When you're not guiding a team of cookies across enemy-ridden lands, you're trying to restore the ruins of a kingdom to its former glory. Aside from being an important part of saving the pastry world, your kingdom serves as the hub area for most of your activities and a way to help your cookies grow. It can be a lot to take in, so it's best to start strong.

Build A Third Sugar Gnome Hut

Your kingdom will have two types of residents: Sugar Gnomes and Cookies. While Cookies are in charge of running operations and going on adventures, Sugar Gnomes are all about expansion and production. Each structure you build, upgrade, restore, or research will take one Sugar Gnome to do.

You start off with only two Gnomes, so you should build a third Sugar Gnome Hut as soon as you can. Keep in mind that it will cost you about 800 Crystals.

Level Up Your Cookies Together

As you go on your journey, levels will get longer and more difficult with tougher enemies blocking your way. To keep making progress, you'll need to consistently raise your Cookies' power level.

There are several ways to do this, but the most potent is raising their individual levels by feeding them Star Jellies. To keep the force of your party stable, you should level up your main Cookies together and keep them all within five levels of each other.

Keep Your Party Lineup Balanced

Though this is an RPG, the way your Cookies are arranged has elements of strategy. Your party has three positions available including front, middle, and rear. Even so, you're only limited to five Cookies, so you'll need to make the most of the available spots.

A standard but effective arrangement is to have two in the front, two in the middle, and one in the rear. Though strong attackers can be placed anywhere, the middle and rear spots are best reserved for Support and Healers.

Hoard Your Crystals

As with many types of gacha and management games, both resources and materials play a pivotal role. The two primary currencies include Coins and Crystals. Coins are very easily gained by completing tasks and more, but Crystals are much harder to come by.

The most reliable way to earn them is by adventuring and earning three stars on levels by finishing them with all Cookies standing. Crystals are important for speeding things up and getting high-quality goods so save them up for the bigger purchases.

Keep Your Kingdom In Constant Production

There are many active components to this game, but most of the kingdom functions work while you're idling. Every big operation in the kingdom requires time from chopping wood to upgrading your castle and the higher they go, the more time they require.

As such, you should start each session by making sure all the Sugar Gnomes are doing something to improve the kingdom or, at the very least, that all your Cookies are working in production or out exploring.

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