Cooking Mama On TikTok Is The Only Good Part Of 2020

You can’t keep a good Mama down.

Earlier this year, Cooking Mama got its first home console release in a decade with Cooking Mama: Cookstar. I was a big fan of the game, and thought it delivered one of the best incarnations of the franchise’s winning formula to date – not to mention some of the most charming voice acting.

Luckily, despite some ugliness with completely unfounded Bitcoin mining rumors, Mama’s back in the limelight – and this time, she’s ready to cook up some clout.

In a show of Gen Z solidarity, Mama’s taken to TikTok to show off her sick dance moves. It might seem like an odd career pivot for the renowned chef (and babysitter… and gardener… and camper), but we’ll be honest – she’s got some pretty sick moves.

Of course, like any good influencer, Mama’s also bringing a pretty sweet contest to the platform. Planet Entertainment, the publisher behind Cookstar, is offering up a shiny new Nintendo Switch to anyone who can bust a move with Mama. All participants have to do to enter the Cooking Mama: Cookstar Dance Challenge is record themselves copying Mama’s moves, hashtag it with #CookstarDanceChallenge, and hope they’re selected. A new winner be selected every week from October 16th to November 27th, so you’ll have a few chances to win.

The future is unclear for Cooking Mama right now, but her foray into TikTok is one of the cutest things to come out of this year. There’s something comforting in that no matter how rough the world gets, there’s somebody asking, “what if Cooking Mama just starts a TikTok?” It’s that kind of fun idea that keeps the iconic character fresh for a whole new generation of kids, and we’re absolutely here for it.

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