Crumbling World Looks Like A Cool ARPG (And It’s Out Soon)

Crumbling World looks like a fun ARPG on PC, and you can get a free demo too.

In this post-coronavirus world, canceled events and a complete collapse of your social life might have caused you to already completely exhaust your game backlog. Never fear, for we have a free demo for you to enjoy.

It’s called Crumbling World, and as the name suggests, the world is crumbling in this dark fantasy land. Sort of like Bastion, but with more of a Dark Souls gothic theme. It’s an action RPG where you play as one of 5 different classes (although the demo only lets you play as Mathos, the Knight) through 25 procedurally-generated levels across five unique regions.

You can jump, block attacks, dodge roll, and use special class-specific abilities. There are 40 unique types of enemies for you to defeat, along with boss encounters that include things like fire-breathing dragons.

Best of all, you can nab the demo for free on GamingJolt. If you like it, wishlist Crumbling World on Steam. The game releases on May 21st, so you won’t have too long to wait.

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