Cyberpunk 2077 Blistering Love And Rogue’s Kiss Explained

Are you bonding with that lovable rogue, Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077? The parasite that lives in your mind is fairly charming, in his own twisted way, though that might just be the Keanu Reeves coming through. If you want to get to know Johnny better, then his questline is an excellent way to do exactly that, and Blistering Love is one quest that may have you thinking twice when it wraps up.

Blistering Love is one of Johnny Silverhand’s quests, and in this he will take you on yet another wild ride. He has plenty of unfinished business, and Rogue is there to help him with whatever he needs, seemingly. Johnny and Rogue’s mysterious relationship just may be a good example of why you shouldn’t go to see your former partner, start hanging out with them and doing crimes, but hey, the pair are so cute together we just can’t help but sit back and watch. This is what you’ll need done in the Blistering Love quest.

You should know that this quest is only accessible if you have made firm friends with Johnny in the Chippin’ In quest, if you were hostile towards Johnny during that quest then you’ll skip over this quest entirely, and go straight to Holdin’ On.

Entering The Drive-In With Rogue In Cyberpunk 2077

You should have already completed the quest Chippin’ In by now, and if you have then you should also have Johnny’s iconic car to ride around in, which will give you additional dialogue throughout this quest. If you missed the opportunity to get Johnny’s car or killed Grayson, well, tough luck, maybe reload a save?

Once you’ve met with Rogue take her from the Afterlife bar to the drive-in, and there’s a building to investigate. As usual, you should scan and investigate the surrounding area thoroughly. If you’ve been using your detective skills you will be able to find a computer which reveals to you a passcode, 0000. Perhaps one of the very least inventive passcodes in the game thus far, by the way. But also possibly the most realistic.

This will grant you access to the drive-in, and you’ll be able to climb the stairs to the projection room, and then start the movie. Yes, this is basically just date night with Rogue for Johnny’s benefit, and what?

To prove that fact, you will be able to kiss Rogue in this scene once you return to her – how romantic.

Ensuring You Unlock Rogue’s Ending In Cyberpunk 2077

Completing this quest, and kissing Rogue, also gives you access to one of the end-game scenarios – if you want to earn access to all four of the game’s endings, and that secret fifth additional ending, then kissing Rogue just a little bit is necessary, in addition to becoming friends with Johnny.

If you were mean to him during Chippin’ In, that will actually prevent you from ever seeing the story ending which involves Rogue. Sometimes being nice is for the best.

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