Oculus Quest Pulled From Sale In Preparation For Quest 2

It appears that despite the fact stock was recently replenished, Oculus Quest units are sold out almost all over the world, while select manufacturers have went as far as to label them as “discontinued.”

The news comes from a recent report published over at Road To VR. According to said report, the Oculus Quest and Rift S models suffered from drastic supply shortages earlier this year as a result of the coronavirus. Despite the fact that stock gradually began to rise back to a relatively healthy level, Quest is once again globally sold out, while Rift S units are available but almost entirely subjected to back-orders of at least a week.

According to the Road to VR report, this appears to have added a degree of legitimacy to the already rampant rumors surrounding the upcoming reveal of Oculus Quest 2.

In order to add even more fuel to the fire, fans have been quick to note that this year’s Facebook Connect livestream is due to air next week on September 16, 2020, which would be a perfect opportunity for the tech titan to reveal its new and improved VR headset. Facebook Connect was formerly known as Oculus Connect, and serves as the company’s annual event dedicated to upcoming virtual reality news.

The Road To VR report also notes that recent rumors appear to indicate that a 64GB Quest 2 could cost approximately $300, while the significantly larger 256GB module is priced at $400.

It’s worth noting that an Upload VR report tracing the trajectory of Oculus Quest news also arrived at the conclusion that a reveal could be coming in mid-September.

This report also corroborated the $300 and $400 price-tags for the 64GB and 256GB units, respectively, as well as noting that Facebook has stated that all games will be “forward-compatible” with the Oculus Quest 2, meaning that titles already released for the current iteration of the headset will be playable on the upgraded version.

At present, we don’t have any concrete release date for the Oculus Quest 2, but it seems likely that a new reveal could be showcased at Facebook Connect next week.

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