Cyberpunk 2077 Player Uses Police Spawns To Open Locked Doors

It’s no secret that the police spawning system in Cyberpunk 2077 is totally busted. It doesn’t make any sense for a game that tries to be as gritty and “real” as Cyberpunk for NCPD officers to start appearing out of thin air whenever V accidentally pops one off on a random civvy, but at least now players have figured out a way to use this busted police spawning system for their own benefit.

Reddit user StevoMethod has come up with an ingenious method to make the police open previously locked doors. This can especially useful if you’re particular V is specced out for combat and has maybe diverted a few too many skill points away from tech and hacking.

The method here is simple; after identifying your lock, simply point V away from the lock and fire off a few rounds at a civilian. Since NCPD officers always spawn where V isn’t looking, this will cause the popo to spawn inside whatever area is currently locked. Then the police will unlock the door as they approach V intent on making a very violent arrest.

Now all you need to do is quickly raid whatever is in the recently unlocked location and then book it for a clean getaway. If you need tips on how to lose the fuzz, you can check out our previous guide here for some pointers. It’s not exactly hard, to lose the cops, and a getaway vehicle helps immensely.

It’s not just the cops that have weird spawning issues in Cyberpunk 2077. Sometimes you might come across a gang member that wants V dead for whatever reason, and if you’re not careful, they might actually spawn inside the car. Or even inside V themselves.

This is but one of the many weird issues that CD Projekt Red will hopefully solve in later Cyberpunk updates. But you should take advantage of this weird enemy behavior while you can.

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