Deimos: Arcana Update For Warframe Hits PS5 Today

Deimos: Arcana is already out on all of Warframe’s various platforms except for the PS5, so really, this is just the next-gen console catching up. Digital Extremes hopes that future updates like Arcana can arrive on all platforms simultaneously in 2021, but the next-gen update for PS5 delayed things slightly for Sony’s latest console.

As a reminder, Deimos: Arcana adds a ton of features to the recent Deimos open-world expansion, including new weapons, new augment mods, a new Necramech, and four new underground levels along with their associated Isolation Vaults.

In our recent interview, Digital Extremes’ COO Sheldon Carter recommended that Tenno get to know the Necramechs, including Deimos: Arcana’s Bonewidow. It comes with a short and shield for short-range melees and a rocket launcher for when things just need to explode. Those are important facets of the overall Warframe experience but presented in a very different package.

Infested Kitgun parts are available for purchase in Arcana via Father of the Entrati. Assembly is still handled by Rude Zuud in Fortuna, but these parts can elevate your custom arsenal to the next enemy-shredding level.

There’s more to Arcana than just what was described here, and you can read all about it in the official patch notes here.

Warframe’s next-gen update provides breathtaking 4K graphics presented at a smooth 60 fps, as well as a lighting update and texture remaster that puts Warframe just shy of ray tracing, in my opinion. All this came with an overall reduction in Warframe’s install size, which is an impressive technical feat.

A next-gen upgrade for the Xbox Series X is in the works, but there’s still no word on when that might arrive. Certainly next year at some point, along with a whole bunch of new content that’ll get here even before the next TennoCon.

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