Disco Elysium: How To Do Something Behind Kim’s Back

There’s a lot of things The Detective might want to do without Kim’s presence in Disco Elysium. Mostly they involve injecting, snorting, or otherwise partaking in all the drugs that the Horrific Necktie and your Electro-Chemistry have been telling you about. But there are some other things you might want to do without a witness as well, such as attempting to reclaim your lost equipment or speaking to a witness off the record.

The problem is that Kim is far too loyal to simply leave. Unlike most other party-based RPGs you can’t simply ask him to leave you alone, instead, you’ll have to sneak away. In this guide, we explain the two best methods of getting some alone time, away from Kim.

Be aware that the second option contains a minor spoiler for the game.

How To Send Kim To Bed In Disco Elysium

Solving the murder at the back of the Whirling-In-Rags is not a fast or easy process. It will take several days and involve questioning a number of witnesses. To find time to do this you’ll be staying at the Whirling-In-Rags, if you can afford it, with Kim staying in the adjacent room. Each night, from around 9 pm, if you walk to your room at the Whirling, Kim will bid you goodnight and go inside. After that, he won’t emerge until the next day, which gives you the entire night to do as you please.

Be careful with what you do though, as Kim is often a useful ally during the investigation, and progressing without his help might leave you missing vital evidence. You can also upset him, should he discover what you did. To preserve both your relationship and the integrity of the case, you should stick to illegal drugs and trying to find your lost equipment while Kim is asleep.

How To Send Kim Away For A Day In Disco Elysium

If you’re not much of a night owl, you can also send Kim away once for the whole day. To do this you’ll have to have taken the body down from the tree and completed the field autopsy. Once the autopsy is complete Kim will offer to take the body away. You can delay this by suggesting there might be something you missed, but to stop the body from completely disintegrating you’ll have to find a fridge to house the corpse while you search for more clues.

When you do decide to send the body away, Kim will leave with it for the entire day. This gives you a chance to speak to anyone you want during the day and night cycle as Kim will not return until the following morning.

While Kim is absent you can also use the benches to pass time as well, allowing you to do specific actions, internalize thoughts, or interrogate anyone you might want to.

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