Disco Elysium: How To Find Your Gun

In Disco Elysium, you begin the game with no clue who you are, where you are, when you are, or even what you are. All you can be certain of is that you’re on a big ball with evil apes duking it out. Luckily, you’ll quickly discover that you are a detective sent to Martinaise to find the killer responsible for the hanged man outside the Whirling-In-Rags.

Unfortunately, that knowledge comes with the uncomfortable realization that most police officers in this world carry badges and guns. You have neither, but both can be retrieved. To find your badge, check out our guide to finding your true name. To find your gun, keep reading.

Who To Ask About Your Missing Gun In Disco Elysium

There are a lot of people in Martinaise who might know something about your missing gun, but it’s perhaps not a great idea to advertise that you’re unarmed since you’re not exactly welcome in this part of town.

If you reveal to Kim that your sidearm is missing, he will be understandably shocked and tell you to report the missing weapon to your station. You can do this from his car outside the Whirling-In-Rags, but it isn’t exactly helpful. The station will order you to find your weapon but offer no resources or aid in doing so. Likewise, Kim doesn’t know where it might be either.

Speak To Roy Then Evrart Claire

You can also speak to Roy in the Pawnshop south of the Whirling-In-Rags, by the canal. It’s probably best to do this when Kim isn’t around since he’ll be very upset to find out that you sold your gun during your drug-soaked brain annihilation event. But this is a clue to finding your gun; it doesn’t actually do much since Roy doesn’t know who he sold it to.

And then there is Evrart Claire, the leader of the Dockworker’s Union. You can find him past Measurehead in the docks, and he’ll happily tell you that he has people looking for your gun. In fact, he seems to really enjoy mentioning how you lost it — almost like he’s trying to disorient you.

To get your gun back, you’ll have to do as he says. There is no other way to retrieve your gun so you’ll have to agree to his terms, though you can lie about helping him.

How To Find Out Where Your Gun Is In Disco Elysium

Evrart has two missions he would like you to complete. The first is unlocking the front door of a basement apartment where a “weasel” lives. The apartment is found behind the Whirling-In-Rags, so you’ll have to walk around the north coast to get past the fence. Once you’re here though, it’s up to you whether you want to open the door.

If you choose not to, you’ll have to pass a Drama check to convince Evrart that you did, in fact, do as he asked. Once that’s completed, he will ask you do to complete the second mission.

Evrart’s Second Mission

Get two people in the Fishing Village to sign a petition that would allow him to build a youth centre. Sounds easy enough – and not immediately corrupt either which is a plus. But you’ll quickly discover that the main purpose of the construction is to force the residents of the Fishing Village out. On top of that, one of the residents will refuse to sign unless you pass a difficult Suggestion check. But once again there are a few ways around it.

You can sign the petition yourself if you interact with the envelope in your inventory, but you’ll have to do it somewhere private and safe (like perhaps somewhere you might sleep). Alternatively, if you want to keep your hands even cleaner, you can ask one of the drunks at the edge of the Fishing Village to sign it instead.

Once you’ve completed these tasks for Evrart, he will tell you where who has your gun, but he won’t actually help you get it back.

How To Retrieve Your Gun In Disco Elysium

Evrart will explain that your gun is in the possession of someone who will be at the abandoned fish market at 10 pm. The abandoned fish market can be found north of the Fishing Village and left of the church. If you’ve got any other quests or people to speak to, you can get that done while you wait for night to fall. Otherwise, you can always read a book or two to pass the time.

Once the time is right you’ll find The Pigs. She’s a woman, clearly mentally unwell, attempting to transform herself into a police officer by rather unconventional means. She wears dozens of police sirens on her back, talks like some of the worst dialogue in any police procedural, and is now armed with your gun.

Pass the Hand/Eye Coordination check and you’ll realize the gun is unloaded and poses no threat, allowing you to take it peacefully. After that, you’ll have to decide what to do with The Pigs, but you can always tell the Hardie Boys about the situation and they’ll look after her. With the gun back in your possession, all you need to do is find a bullet.

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