Fans Are Hungry For This Naruto Lego Kit

With the success of the Nintendo Entertainment System Lego set, Lego fans are now looking for their next project to build. Thanks to the Lego Ideas website, innovators like DadiTwins have showcased their new Naruto set, which has received overwhelming support.

The Naruto: Ichiraku Ramen Shop set has gathered 9,257 supporters so far, and features an impressive design of the titular character’s favorite hangout. DadiTwins, or David y Diego Escalona on YouTube, are a couple of Naruto fans who saw a gap in the Lego market for manga and anime fans. With approximately 1600 pieces, the set comes with a detailed Ichiraku Ramen Shop, and seven mini figures, including Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, Kakashi Hatake, Teuchi Ichiraku, Ayame Ichiraku, and Iruka Umino. All of the figures come with two faces that convey different expressions of the characters, as well as accessories like kunais and shurikens.

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The popular manga series has been celebrating its 20th anniversary since September 2019, and if commissioned, DadiTwins’ build will be the first Lego set based on the Naruto franchise. The Lego Ideas website is an inspiring program for innovators who want to share their ideas with the Lego community. While some share their creations for fun, other builders post in an attempt to get their builds commissioned.

The creators specified that the design of their Ichiraku Ramen Shop was based on the Land of Waves narrative from the original Naruto series. The set even references the Chūnin Exams, by including replicas of the exam flags. As it is a ramen shop, the set also comes with ramen ingredients, so builders can create their own bowl of heaven in block form. The building itself is detailed down to the last paving stone, and its vibrant colors make it an eye-catching display piece.

DadiTwins pointed out in their pitch that the set could potentially be the start of a huge series for Lego. With hundreds of locations from the IP to choose from, DadiTwins believe that a Naruto series could even be the start of a new style of play for the company. The creators also mentioned multiple facts concerning Naruto’s worldwide success, and how the creation of this much-loved franchise in Lego form would appeal to its huge fanbase.

With plenty of time left to support this build, DadiTwins have less than 1,000 supporters to go before it is officially reviewed by Lego.

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