Final Form Is A Fast-Paced FPS Where You Can Turn Into A Metroid Ball, Playable In Co-Op

The Earth is gone and a cargo ship filled with factions at war is making its way to a distant world where humanity can rise again. It’s time to leave our musty-ass world behind and start new wars on a new planet and pollute the shit out of someone else’s river, let’s go! No, this isn’t a vision of two years into the future, it’s a new game called Final Form. 

You play as a Valkyrie, an android battle unit that’s charged with making sure we get to our new home without killing each other. She does this by doing more killing. 

There is a goal to all that killing, though – she’s looking for the Final Forms; ancient cosmic creatures that hold the secrets to time and dimension travel, and probably more combat abilities. You’ll be battling off a race of hostile aliens who want that tech for themselves.

Taking place in a post-cyberpunk universe, it’s a fast-paced FPS with a focus on character customisation. You’ll be able to do this with two other players in up to three-player co-op, which should increase the chaos factor a fair bit.

The footage shows the player jumping and dashing around an arena, firing a weapon before shifting into a Metroid style ball and rolling around like an absolute legend.

Final Form is being developed by Polish team Reikon Games and is coming to PC and console at some point before the heat death of the universe.

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