Fortnite Players Are Already Angry About Predator’s Cloaking Device

Fortnite players can now see Predator in Fortnite rather than just hear it. If you can take the alien down, then it will drop a handy reward.

Predator’s pod crash-landed in Fortnite last week. Up until now, you have only been able to hear the alien when you venture near enough to its craft. Today’s 15.21 update has added the ability to see Predator, but as you might imagine, it isn’t happy. The extraterrestrial is effectively Fortnite’s newest boss, and it can be discovered near its wrecked pod at Stealthy Stronghold.

As is the case with all Fortnite bosses, once Predator is defeated, it leaves behind an item. A pretty cool item in this instance. Its cloaking tech. The device the alien wears in the movies that it can fiddle with so that it turns invisible. When equipped, players can use it to do the exact same thing, hiding them from onlooking opponents.

Clips of the cloaking tech in action have been surfacing online ever since the update started going live earlier today, and people aren’t happy. The item is already being accused of being overpowered. On the surface, that might well be a fair accusation to make. Someone wandering around the island completely invisible clearly has a big advantage over everyone else.

However, the item comes with some significant caveats. For starters, you cannot activate the tech and also use a gun or a weapon of any sort at the same time. That means no eliminations while you’re invisible. The cloaking tech’s effects also cease to function once you come into contact with water, and also only last for a limited amount of time. Plus, there’s a 30-second cool-off period between uses.

All of that means Predator’s cloaking tech probably isn’t as OP as it first appears. It is still a handy item to have though, and that makes complete sense. There will only be one available in each round, and a lot of players will be vying for it. It’s only fair that the one person who manages to take down Predator and grab the new item has an edge over the competition. They earned it.

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