Genshin Impact: How To Defeat Azhdaha

Azhdaha is a tanky boss that was introduced in Genshin Impact 1.5. He is a weekly boss that can be accessed after doing the second part of Zhongli’s story. However, the Azhdaha players will fight with Zhongli is much less powerful than the weekly boss. This is because Azhdaha has the ability to switch elements, forcing players to quickly counter his new form.

This boss has a ton of health, and it will take quite some time to whittle him down, especially if you choose to fight him on one of the higher difficulties. Many players have even found Azhdaha to be much more difficult than the original Childe fight.

Azhdaha Prep

Azhdaha isn’t like the other bosses; he requires you to either be amazing at dodging or bringing a shield character. The safest route is to put one of the following characters in your party to protect you:

  • Zhongli
  • Noelle
  • Xinyan
  • Beidou
  • Diona

You will also want to do quite a bit of cooking before the battle, be sure to have plenty of healing items, and stock up on food that boosts your attack and defense. You will also want to have some revives with you. If you have Qiqi or Barbara, it’s highly recommended that you add them to your party as well. Azhdaha deals major damage, and it’s unlikely you won’t find a character low on health during the battle.

  • Azhdaha can switch between cryo, hydro, electro, and pyro elements.

Since Azhdaha changes elements, it’s a bit hard to choose a DPS. Your best bet is to go with your favorite and try to put a ranged character like Ganyu or Amber in your extra slot, as getting close to Azhdaha can be extremely dangerous.

Azhdaha Strategy

Azhdaha hits hard and is especially dangerous up close. He will swing his tail at you and jump up in the air causing shockwaves to damage you when he comes back down. If you try to stay far away, he will dig underground and charge at you while in geo form or stampede at your character. These are easy to dodge; just make sure you keep moving.

Azhdaha launches projectile spikes; just be sure to run away from them as they explode. If you see a circle on the ground, then quickly run out of it before your hit with an attack. The real danger will begin when he switches to another element. From there on out, you should work to shield yourself; if Azhdaha hits you with an elemental attack, you will be marked. Being marked makes your character constantly take large chunks of damage.

During his elemental form, Azhdaha also becomes more aggressive and will release floating orb, homing circles, and deal elemental damage when he causes shockwaves. A shield will keep you from being marked, but you should still dodge as many attacks as you can.

  • One of the best ways to damage Azhdaha is by using a bow user or a catalyst to keep a safe distance.
  • Remember to cause as many reactions as possible to help whittle down Azhdaha’s large health bar faster.
  • If you do use a close-range attack style, be sure to have healing ready and a shield equipped.

Keep an eye on your food buffs while fighting. Having a defense and attack buff can make all the difference during difficult fights. This domain is able to be taken on in co-op. Teaming up with other players can make taking down Azhdaha much easier.

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