Get Up To 75% Off Board Games On The Nintendo Switch eShop

Board game enthusiasts are in for a treat with up to 75% off some of the best titles on the Nintendo Switch eShop. From now until September 21, users will be able to find savings that range from 50-75% off the original prices, and there is something for everyone to enjoy. The following games are currently on sale along with their respective discounts.

  • UNO for Nintendo Switch – 60% off
  • MONOPOLY for Nintendo Switch – 75% off
  • TRIVIAL PURSUIT Live! – 50% off
  • Jeopardy! – 60% off
  • Wheel of Fortune – 60% off
  • RISK Global Domination – 50% off
  • BATTLESHIP – 50% off
  • Clue: The Classic Mystery Game – 50% off
  • Carcassonne – 60% off
  • Catan – 50% off
  • The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game – Definitive Edition – 50% off
  • Munchkin: Quacked Quest – 60% off
  • Pandemic – 60% off

Most of these are great games to check out, but a few stand out above the rest. Without exaggeration, Carcassonne is a classic that everyone should have. The game can be enjoyed by up to six players at once, but also features solo play. With every game different from the last, Carcassonne offers a ton of replayability.

Another great option is The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game. You should be aware however that this is more of an adaptation of the popular physical version by Fantasy Flight Games instead of a straight port, but the developer has done a great job in maintaining the core essence of gameplay throughout.

The Nintendo Switch version includes two additional campaigns to fight through, along with new heroes, a brand-new mode, and more. Although the PvE style of content remains the same on repeated playthroughs, you have the option to customize your deck, which adds significantly to the long-term enjoyment of this game.

Finally, we would also recommend Catan and Pandemic, though the latter might require a bit of a dark sense of humor to enjoy in today’s world.

Catan on the other hand is great for all occasions. With both local and online multiplayer, you can trade your way to victory with this classic board game. What makes Catan stand out is its exclusive campaign mode, which challenges players to complete several scenarios with unique starting conditions and levels of difficulty available. Whether with friends or alone, Catan can offer hours of great gaming.

As for games to avoid, it only boils down to Monopoly. While the look is nostalgic, there really is little decision making to be made, and we found this one a bore compared to the wealth of other options available.

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