How To Change Your Uniform In Pokemon Sword & Shield

The level of customization of early Pokemon games was almost non-existent, but through the generations has slowly grown to allow for more personal expression through your trainer. Starting out with only being able to pick your name in the original titles on the GameBoy, the latest game in the series, Pokemon Sword and Shield allows you to completely change your uniform. If you’re not used to this new world of clothing options in your Pokemon adventures, we’ll train you on everything you need to know on how to change your uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Pokemon Sword & Shield: How To Change Gym Uniform

The gym uniforms you can change into are exactly what they sound like, uniforms you earn by defeating different gym trainers in their respective Gym Challenges. You will unlock one for each gym type you beat on your Pokemon journey, so you likely already have a few to try on.

Alternatively, new clothing can be purchased from clothing shops for 18,000 Watts. While it will set you back some currency, you are able to purchase gym clothes for areas you haven’t been to yet.

Once you have your outfit, you can’t just change at will. You have to visit one of the previously mentioned clothing shops and head into the changing room to put on one of your new gym uniforms. Once there, you will get a menu where you can completely customize your character with different tops, jackets, pants, socks, backpacks, hats, and more. If you want to wear a full uniform, though, go to the far right tab on the menu to cycle through all the gym leader outfits fully put together for you.

The only downside to changing your uniform is that it does not show up when you are participating in a gym challenge. These events will always put your character in the same white outfit, which is somewhat disappointing. Still, you can freely make your own look and enjoy it while exploring the world and catching wild Pokemon in the field. Pick your favorite type and represent it with a flashy new look!

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