How To Set Up Two-Step Verification On Your Nintendo Account (And Why You Should)

As Nintendo accounts continue to get hacked and accessed by unwanted third parties, having two-step verification in place has never been more important.

It’s amazing how trusting of technology society has become over the course of the past 20 years. Before the turn of the century, not many people would have been okay with entering their personal details online. Fast forward to 2020 and our passwords, credit card details, addresses, basically anything you can think of is strewn across the world wide web.

It has almost become a necessity to have all our info online at this point, and there are steps people should be taking to make that information as safe as possible. Take Nintendo, for example. There have been multiple instances of NSO accounts being hacked and accessed by third parties recently. In some cases, if the culprit has not been caught fast enough, those third parties are taking/spending the account holder’s money without them even knowing.

There is a way to make a Nintendo account harder to access for hackers, and it requires putting two-step verification in place. Although not a necessity for NSO account holders, Nintendo has been pushing for people to do so recently following another spate of hackings. Enabling two-step verification is relatively easy to do, and here is exactly how to do it.

First off, go to the Nintendo website and sign in to your account. Following that, head to “sign-in and security info” and then “two-step verification” and finally click “edit”. While some services require and use a phone number for two-step verification, Nintendo uses an authenticator app. Clicking “two-step verification setup” on Nintendo’s site will send an email to your account detailing how to complete the verification process.

From that point on, logging in to your Nintendo account will also require a verification code as well as your username and password. Yes, that will make it slightly more arduous every time you need to log in, but more importantly, it will make it very hard for anyone you don’t want accessing your account to log in. It might be a pain, but it’s something all NSO account holders should do as soon as they possibly can.

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