I’d Be Offended By This Denim-Covered Canadian Xbox Controller If It Wasn’t So Damned Cute

Full disclosure: I’m Canadian. I write it as “colour,” not “color.” I say “zed,” not “zee,” and I generally get confused when Americans tell me they don’t have government healthcare (except in Massachusetts, which is even more confusing).

Also full disclosure: I’ve never been a particularly good Canadian. I don’t play hockey (I barely know how to skate), I think Tim Horton’s coffee is an abomination, and I don’t actually have a wardrobe that consists solely of denim.

In fact, I had to look up just what the heck’s a “Canadian Tuxedo,” which is apparently a denim-collared shirt and jeans worn at the same time. According to Vogue, the term originally was coined all the way back in 1951 when singer Bing Crosby was refused entry into a Vancouver hotel because he was wearing a denim shirt and denim jeans, which didn’t meet the hotel’s formal dress code. From there, the term–and the look–became associated with Canadians and their preferred method of dress.

Which isn’t true (except perhaps during the ‘90s grunge period), but the stereotype remains to this day. Thus we have the Canadian Tuxedo Xbox Series X/S Controller being showcased by Xbox Canada’s social media handle.

This all-denim shell comes with little cutouts for the buttons, D-pad, and thumbsticks, belt loops for a belt, and teeny-tiny pockets so that your controller can keep pocket change and perhaps a single cigarette. It’s cute, but probably not all that practical. Well, except for possibly having a built-in patch of denim to wipe the sweat from your hands.

Sadly, the Canadian Tuxedo controller is a “one-of-a-kind,” according to Xbox Canada, but they seem to be fishing for ideas on a Canada-branded Xbox Controller that might be more than just a big red maple leaf stencil. Perhaps something along these lines? I’ve always been partial to the ferocity and insanity of the Canadian goose.

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