In New Movie Hero Mode, Sean Astin Searches For "What Real Gamers Really Wanna Play"

A new movie called Hero Mode will give audiences a look at game development… from a teen comedy point of view. Releasing on June 4, this movie follows the story of a young coder who must develop a video game in 30 days. Hero Mode will also feature Sean Astin, who we all know as Samwise Gamgee.

There is no shortage of video game-inspired movies. Recently, we saw the release of movies based on Mortal Kombat and Monster Hunter. Instead of focusing on a specific video game though, Hero Mode tackles the video game industry itself. The movie combines live-action with occasional CGI to bring video games to life.

Hero Mode is about Troy Mayfield, a coding genius who has just one month to create the best video game ever. Troy’s mom, the owner of the failing indie game business Playfield, puts Troy in charge of reviving the company. Although he is a genius coder, the employees are less than happy to have a teenage boy as their new boss. With an upcoming gaming convention being their chance to impress picky streamers, the team must work together to create a game that “real gamers really wanna play.” Don’t worry though; Sean Astin, who plays an employee of Playfield, will bring some Lord of the Rings references; Astin even mentions Gandalf at one point.

In the trailer, you can also spot YouTuber BeatEmUps sharing his excitement for PixelCon. The preview is only about two and a half minutes long, but there may be even more guest appearances from people within the gaming community in the rest of the movie.

This movie is directed by A.J. Tesler. You can check out Tesler’s Twitter, where he posts updates. In the past, Tesler has worked on Historical Roasts, Mike Diva Presents, and Gilmore Girls. Hero Mode is meant to be a family-friendly film, so if you are looking for a movie to watch with the whole family, this would be a great choice.

In addition to Sean Astin, there are a few other familiar faces in the cast including Creed Bratton (Creed in The Office), Jim O’Hier (Jerry from Parks and Rec), and Erik Griffin (Montez from Workaholics). These cast members have experience working with sitcom-style humor, and we look forward to what they bring to Hero Mode.

Hero Mode will be available to watch in theaters starting June 4.

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