Kirby Fighters 2: How To Unlock Every Character

The surprise release from Nintendo, Kirby Fighters 2, has brought the king of copy into a battle with an entire cast of his alternate forms. While it might look like a Smash Bros clone on the surface, the game has plenty of differences, including the way in which you can unlock new characters to duke it out with. If you want to see the full roster of Kirby Fighters 2, feel free to copy us on how to unlock every character.

How To Unlock Every Character In Kirby Fighters 2

When you first boot up Kirby Fighters 2 you will only have access to three Kirby types, Sword, Bomb, and Staff, along with the single Buddy Waddle Dee. In total there are 18 additional characters, plus three Buddies, waiting to be unlocked. The majority of them will come via ranking up while playing the story mode, but there are two that have special requirements.

Characters Unlocked Through Rank

Every level you beat as you climb the tower in Kirby Fighters 2’s story mode will earn you experience points that contribute to your total rank. Here are the characters and Buddies you will unlock when you reach specific ranks.

  1. Rank 2 – Wrestler Kirby
  2. Rank 3 – Gooey (Buddy)
  3. Rank 6 – Yo-Yo Kirby
  4. Rank 10 – Beam Kirby
  5. Rank 11 – Beetle Kirby
  6. Rank 13 – Hammer Kirby
  7. Rank 16 – Fighter Kirby
  8. Rank 21 – Artist Kirby
  9. Rank 24 – Cutter Kirby
  10. Rank 27 – Whip Kirby
  11. Rank 28 – Archer Kirby
  12. Rank 30 – Water Kirby
  13. Rank 31 – Parasol Kirby
  14. Rank 33 – Ninja Kirby
  15. Rank 37 – Bell Kirby
  16. Rank 45 – Megalor (Buddy)

Meta Knight And King Dedede

Meta Knight and King Dedede are the only character and buddy that won’t be unlocked just by ranking up and instead requires you to achieve specific goals to get your hands on them. Meta Knight is the easier of the two and only asks that you complete chapter five of the game’s story mode.

King Dedede, the final Buddy of the game, will be much more difficult to unlock. His requirements are to finish all the hidden stages in the game. Hidden stages won’t unlock for you to play until you first finish the story, at which point 50 secret levels will open up for you to play. Only after you manage to complete all 50 of these hidden levels will King Dedede grace you with his presence as a Buddy.

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