Latest Yakuza: Like A Dragon Patch Fixes A Mechanic Nobody Knew Was Broken

A very helpful mechanic has been missing from Yakuza: Like A Dragon ever since launch, but the game’s latest patch has fixed it.

With the Yakuza franchise’s last-minute switch from a beat-em-up to a more traditional JRPG, a lot of new features have been introduced. Instead of caving in a goon’s head with a bicycle in real-time, Yakuza: Like A Dragon has opted for a turn-based approach to combat, similar to other franchises like Persona and Pokémon.

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Enemies you encounter have certain weaknesses that can be exploited to deal more damage. For example, skinnier enemies are usually weak to physical attacks and bulkier enemies are weak to magic attacks. Normally you have to go through a process of trial and error to determine which attacks are strongest against certain enemies, but a new patch has made this process much easier.

Now, whenever you enter a fight with an enemy you’ve previously defeated, you’ll see a handy weakness indicator telling you if the enemy you’re up against is weak to specific attacks. The Japanese release of Yakuza: Like A Dragon has apparently had this feature since launch but has been missing from Western versions for nearly three weeks.

Thankfully this feature isn’t essential to combat but has many confused fans unaware that this was a feature to begin with. It seems like the only people who actually noticed were those who had previously played the Japanese version of the game. Whatever the reason this feature was missing, its inclusion improves an already great game and takes a lot of the guesswork out of combat. Now you should be able to beat down the thugs of Ijincho with ease!

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