League of Legends Adds New Champion Pingu As April Fools’ Prank

This April Fools’, Riot Games has announced its newest League of Legends champion, Pingu. For their prank this year Riot published a champion update on their website, detailing fake information on Pingu, a cuddly but deadly penguin champion that has been trapped in the Freljord ice for thousands of years.

The Pingu update is surprisingly complete, with a full set of abilities and even a theme song. There’s even a set of (poorly drawn) ability breakdown videos, made up of paper puppets and voiced over in a monotone. He can stun enemies with how cute he is, teleport around the map, and throw icebergs at enemies while Celine Dion plays.

Pingu is a cute little bird, but don’t be fooled. His tantrums have leveled villages, and his immense powers have caused many former enemies to join together to find a way to defeat him. No one knows how to stop him, but some of the brightest minds are working on doing so before it is too late. Still, it’s impossible to stay mad at him; he’s just so darn cute.

Pingu won’t be releasing any time soon, or ever, since he’s just an April Fools joke. Still, he’s earned a place in our hearts.

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