More first party PlayStation games coming to PC confirms Sony

Horizon Zero Dawn will not be the last first party PlayStation game to make the move to PC, according to Sony themselves.

Sony has admitted that it plans to bring more first party games to the PC and while it’s not named any names it’s confirmed that Horizon Zero Dawn was not a one-off.

There was no flashy announcement, but instead a single sentence in a new corporate report: ‘We will explore expanding our first party titles to the PC platform, in order to promote further growth in our profitability’.

The comment wasn’t given any special prominence, but it immediately makes rumours about PC versions of The Last Of Us Part 2 and Bloodborne seem more believable.

Microsoft has always been more enthusiastic about supporting the PC for the fairly obvious reason that it also makes the Windows operating system. But in recent years it’s increased its efforts, to the point where all first party Xbox games also appear on PC, usually on the same day.

Sony are nowhere near that stage yet, as their experiments with Horizon Zero Dawn were only half successful – since the game suffered from numerous bugs and did little to improve the original’s graphics.

Many have wondered whether Horizon Zero Dawn would be the exception to Sony’s rule, since, as the report underlines multiple times, first party games are one of the key selling points for PlayStation consoles.

If all games become available on PC then the reason to buy a PlayStation 5 is suddenly much reduced, so while Sony would make more money selling games on PC that could coincide with a decrease in console hardware and software sales.

Sony has never spoken about any of this publicly – so their exact logic regarding the situation remains a mystery – but the report makes clear that we’ll be hearing a lot more about Sony published PC games in the future.

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