New Pokemon Snap: How To Unlock All Ranks In Florio Nature Park

Florio Nature Park is the first location you visit in New Pokemon Snap, functioning as the game’s primary tutorial area. While it’s pretty basic at the beginning – you point the camera at a Pokemon and take a photo – Florio Nature Park gradually introduces you to fluffruit, scanning, recognizing behavior patterns, and more.

While the initial Florio Nature Park lineup is fairly simplistic, more #mons get added as you progress through the game. This is because of New Pokemon Snap’s rank system, which separates each and every map into three tiers: rank one, rank two, and rank three.

If you’ve heard that Heracross is in Florio Nature Park, for example, and can’t seem to find it anywhere, you’re probably not playing at the correct rank. In order to help you rectify that, we’ve put together a handy guide on how to unlock every rank in Florio Nature Park for both the day and night variants of the map.

How To Unlock Rank One In Florio Nature Park

Florio Nature Park rank one is immediately unlocked at the beginning of the game, functioning as the game’s core tutorial section. As soon as you arrive in the Lental region and introduce yourself to Professor Mirror, you’ll be transported to this course in the NEO-ONE. If you’re curious about which Pokemon you can find here, check out our complete lists of Pokemon in Florio Nature Park (Day) and Florio Nature Park (Night).

How To Unlock Rank Two In Florio Nature Park

To unlock rank two of Florio Nature Park (Day), you’ll need to amass a total of 40,000 experience points from running rank one. This also unlocks rank one of Florio Nature Park (Night), which progresses to rank two after you earn 50,000 points in rank one.

How To Unlock Florio Nature Park Illumina Spot

Florio Nature Park’s Illumina Spot, which is home to Illumina Meganium, is unlocked after you run Florio Nature Park (Night) for the first time. The first time you visit the Illumina Spot, Meganium will be the only Pokemon there. This changes in future as you level the Illumina Spot up by revisiting it and earning more experience points. After visiting the Illumina Spot for the first time and snapping Meganium, you only need to do one or two more runs of the standard courses to unlock the next island, Belusylva, which is home to Founja Jungle (Day). Founja Jungle (Night), Elsewhere Forest, and Elsewhere Forest (Illumina Spot).

How To Unlock Rank Three In Florio Nature Park

Similarly to rank two, you unlock rank three in Florio Nature Park purely by earning experience points. After rank three you can max the courses out – essentially leveling to a fourth rank – although this doesn’t appear to influence the structure much, if at all. No new Pokemon are added, and if there are any new scenarios that occur between Pokemon – like Heracross and Pinsir fighting – they seem to retroactively be implemented into all previous ranks from this point onwards.

Once you max out the courses, there are no additional ranks or levels to earn. You can always change to one of the lower ranks if you want to revisit an older layout, although most of the best photo ops are generally found in rank three. Once you’ve maxed out all of the courses in Florio Nature Park, the next location to max out all ranks in is Founja Jungle.

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