Outriders: Everything You Need To Know About The Wreckage Zone

The world of Outriders is one filled with danger and malice. Not only is the game set on an alien planet with hostile native inhabitants and dangerous anomaly storms, but the humans in it have also begun to wage war on one another. One of the places that highly project just how tough it has been for the humans living on Enoch is the Wreckage Zone.

Those unfortunate enough to get sent to the Wreckage Zone will be faced with a multitude of monsters. Only the toughest, bravest, and honestly, the most desperate will survive on this forsaken land. Thankfully, you are playing as an Outrider who is also an Altered. You are just about the perfect candidate to brave this hostile environment. Before you get into the Wreckage Zone, it’s better if you know everything there is to know about this level in terms of lore and story, as well as the dangers that await you within it.

8 It’s A Remnant Of Former Locations

The terrain of the Wreckage Zone as you happen upon it in the game has a very obvious sense of destruction about it. The place looks like it used to be a cohesive area but has since been destroyed, abandoned, left behind as nothing more than just wreckage, and that’s exactly what the place is.

The entire land area currently known as the Wreckage Zone in the game is comprised of what used to be the eastern half of the First City and what used to be the Industrial Zone.

7 Why The Wreckage Zone Was Abandoned

The First City is the very first settlement the humans who boarded the S.M. Flores lived on when they arrived on Enoch. As it happens, the very same ship that brought them to the First City would also be the catalyst of them abandoning it.

Sometime after the humans built the First City, the area got hit by a huge anomaly storm. During the storm, the engine of the S.M. Flores was damaged and on the brink of a meltdown. It was then the humans decided to flee and build Rift Town. Just a few months after abandoning the First City, the engines of the S.M. Flores exploded, irradiating the area and completely destroying the Industrial Zone. The remains of this disaster are the Wreckage Zone.

6 The Dangers Of The Wreckage Zone

As an aftermath of the explosion of the S.M. Flores’ engines, a vast majority of the Wreckage Zone still remains plagued with high levels of radiation. Those who are skillful enough may get through the entire area without being exposed to radiation poisoning. However, those who find themselves inside the most radioactive zones will die painfully before they see another sunrise.

Even those who manage to avoid the deadliest radioactive zones of the Wreckage Zone will eventually succumb to radiation poisoning. If that won’t kill them, the bountiful monsters that roam the area will.

5 The Monsters Of The Wreckage Zone

Various kinds of monsters have made the Wreckage Zone their home. After all, only the vilest creatures can truly find solace in the vilest places. Some of the monsters that you will encounter in the Wreckage Zone include Perforos, Venomous Perforos, and an Alpha Perforo.

Aside from those, you will also find the Oreyard Queen and the Brood Mother in the Wreckage Zone. These two kinds of monsters seem to be at the top of their hierarchy and are much tougher to deal with than the lesser monsters.

4 It’s A Hotspot For Scavengers

The humans of Enoch must do everything they can and have to in order to survive on Enoch. The planet is no longer the paradise they were promised, or at least, not yet. It is now a man-eat-man wasteland where only the strongest and most dedicated survive. The Wreckage Zone, although a very dangerous place, still used to be a place inhabited by others before it was abandoned. This means the area still houses a couple of valuables left behind by those who used to live there.

Because of this, the Wreckage Zone has been known to be frequented by scavengers. These poor souls navigate the radiation-riddled areas, all the while having to worry about the various monsters that roam the place, all for a bunch of scraps.

3 Insurgents Use It To Attack Trench Town

The Wreckage Zone may not be the friendliest of places, but it is an ideal route for the Insurgents because it leads right to Trench Town. Throughout the years, the Insurgents have led assaults on Trench Town via the paths on the Wreckage Zone. Unfortunately for the Insurgents, these attacks only end up as suicide missions.

Either the Insurgents are very courageous or painfully stupid to keep employing this strategy. Be that as it may, the constant and persistent attacks by the Insurgents from the Wreckage Zone have made an impact on the town’s overall morale.

2 A Place Of Exile

Victor Corrigan is the Grand Marshal of Trench Town and he rules the area with an iron fist. He rarely trusts anyone and his ever-increasing paranoia has only led him to pass judgments in the most horrible manner. Oftentimes, when he accuses someone of treachery and betrayal, instead of killing them outright, he instead exiles them to the Wreckage Zone.

This speaks volumes to the hostility of the Wreckage Zone. It is said that Grand Marshal Corrigan only sentences this punishment on the most horrible individuals, or when his mood is awfully grim.

1 Bloody Baron Reference

In the Wreckage Zone, there is a man that goes by the name of Bloody Baron. He’s a wanted man that you can hunt. Once dealt with, you can go to Ujio in Trench Town. He will pay you a handsome fee for eliminating dangerous individuals such as the Bloody Baron. The Bloody Baron’s name may sound familiar to those who are fans of The Witcher 3 and the Harry Potter franchise.

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